Monday, May 10, 2010

Working Bee 8-9th May

Working Bee at the new camp area to pour foundations for new shed started with Steve being the designated grounds keeper slashing the area on the tractor. Daniels measuring and laying out of post hole positions with Mark and Juke helping,sand, cement mixer and water were brought up site. Steve on tractor driving the post hole digger with Daniel and Mark digging of the post holes. An easy job using Daniels fitted out truck and generator had the concrete in the hole and perfectly leveled using laser level, sure beats dumpy levels. Mark had some time to use excavator to make another "Bump Run' while a resident pyro continiued lighting fires. Another great weekend not being much help with my crook arm or the fact that the Landcruisers hand brake had failed that morning and took out a concrete/brick fence before leaving home. Thanks to all again

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