Sunday, December 25, 2011

Best Wishes and thanks

Wishing everyone who has visited the block the very best . The year had highlights of moving forward after so long of inactivity. The new year brings activities of new clubs booking in, a Navigation Run to hopefully be set up and an invitational weekend to those who have helped so much and been a pleasure to have visit.
Much relieved news was received this year that a very dear friend Peter Linahans battle with illness had been won. Always a gentleman, a character around a campfire and on the tracks in his beloved Range Rover. Mark and Ruths continued support and ideas for improvements is much valued, one day we hope to even see "Turbo" at the block.
Talks are ongoing with other improvements and developments to cater to the needs of normal 4wders, a few more modifieds, Driver Trainer facilities and even moutain bike riders and caravaners.
A number of customer days are in the pipeline for several notable 4x4 shops and accessory shops throughout Sydney and Newcastle areas. So look after your local businesses and they will look after you.
Many thanks to the boys from Superior Off Road 4x4 (previously Mr Spares) at Smithfield, look for numerous articles in 4WD Action done in their workshop and to Mark and the guys at Powerful 4x4 at Lansvale.
Look us up on FaceBook at Bylong Creek 4x4
See you on the trails.

Monday, September 19, 2011

NewHilux, NewTriton, Ultimate Weekend

Another enjoyable weekend with two internet clubs up driving the block. Thanks to Brendan for organising the group, a pleasure to have. Trying out the tracks, "The Playground" and the ever popular "Wombat Holes" it apprears everyone had fun. Stories are gradually filtering back about the "Night Run" and tales around the campfire. The Overland 4x4 Mag boys Mal and Matt were great company with Matt the photographer winning the prize for furthest distance ran up and down the convoy. Hope to have some photos to post up soon.

Thank you all, even Josh (Princess) for an uplifting fun weekend.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Thanks to special friends

A very heart felt thank you to a group of people in recent time for assisting around the block. From pottering around, mowing camp areas, changing tractor tyres to erecting a shed. Mark and Ruth the guardians of Hilux Heights, Steve and Danial for erecting the top campsites shed and also to Steve and his son for tractor tyre maintance.
Everyone who has visited the block would know John, "Yatesie", "Sottie", He has been a support and mate through the whole saga of initally getting the block and through the years after the accident.
My appreciation and thanks could never begin to show enough for these people especially John who I still can't understand why he conferscated a pair of wire cutters and a 3/4 empty bottle of Sambucca one night I was under the dash of the Cruiser cutting out the car alarm, electric brakes and "something else" that I didn't think worked so shouldn't be there.
Reports of unauthorised fire works displays "inside" Toyota Cruisers will be destined to history.

Triple Diamond 4WD Club Visit

Hello all,
After a 2 year interval from meeting Andrew at a 4x4 event, he visited the block last weekend with 4 vehicles. Meeting in Kandos I was introduced to Neil (Prado), Dave (Discovery), Richard (Pajero) and of cause Andrew (Pajero), we ventured to Bylong where we called in to the shop for the esential coffees.
Getting to block I showed the group Hilux Heights camp ground then drove to the botttom site where they settled in under two Mitsubishi flags flying from the flagpole.
A guided tour as passenger in Dave's Discovery followed to Chickees Hill, back around camp ground to the well and the creek run then to the "Wombat Run".
Richards aerobatics were entertaining to the group with the traction control systems on the Discovery, Neils Prado and Andrews Pajero on display.
A loop up to the top camp and into the timber reveiled track blocked by a fallen tree so it was back into main valley and along creek south to "Dutchies Hill" again looping back to be guided over "Kellys Rock". All vehicles negotiated it with ease though it has stopped highly modified Nissans dead.
Picking our way back over "Ant Hill" everyone was encouraged to keep well left then back to the camp ground.
Rumours of smoke drifting through the valley were mentioned, again the illusive source was unknown.....stop pointing people, don't you know it's rude ...
In all an eagerly anticipated trip, I hope they enjoyed the block as much as I did their company.

Things learnt over weekend:

That white cows produce Vanilla milk shakes
Cream cows Caramel
Brown cows Chocolate
and Strawberry from feeding strawberrys to white cows.
And I was told story that if bull calves aren't careful, when visiting city people help around the yards they may be "Circumcised" instead of "Castrated"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Visits by Jeep NSW & Off the Black

The last month has seen another two "New" clubs visit the block. Firstly Ken and son Kelis lead the Jeep NSW convoy in a well presented GU,Ray and John in another GU(will they never stop coming)and finally my dream to see a CJ7 on the block was finally realised,thank you Daveand son Damien, what a beautiful purr from the V8 motor that could be head from anywhere in the valley.

Last weekend had the members of Off the Black, a western Sydney based club visit, with Danny being trip leader in a nice Red Hilux Duel Cab. An old school mate I hadn't seen in 25 odd years tagged along in a Patrol GU, Shane in an unstoppable Pajaro, Dave in a Gu and not a bad Kiwi bloke Jim in a very unique GQ.
Very wet conditions had everyone sliding around with Diff locks and very agressive mud tyres being the choice to get anywhere, poor old 80 Series spent quite a bit of time at camp site.
Comment must be made of a very industrious young man droving his TONKA Truck with precision to help move firewood to an awaiting trailer.

To both clubs thank you for a very enjoyable weekend, pity the choice of music once again deteriates around the camp fire as the night grows old, but no Kum by Yah at least.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Over the years several clubs have visited the block. Initial contact to Range Rover Club soon after my accident had them visiting regurally under the leadership of Peter Linahan. Others over the years have been Penrith Valley, Rare Breed, Sydney Jeep, Nepean District, Jackaroo, Off Road 4x4 and recently Aussie Tracks bringing a couple of members from Port Macquarie and Tamworth.

Invitations have been extended to many clubs within the Four Wheel Drive Association of NSW & ACT.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Contact Details

After a major computer glitch could any club or person showing interest please send e-mail or contact me at or on home contact of 02 63794489. Thanking you for your support.