Sunday, May 2, 2010

Catch Up Posts from Previous Trips

Just a bit of a posting to thank a few very special people and clubs who have helped at the block and myself. A lot of this wouldn't really have started without the help of a very good mate John, he's been here from the initial purchase of the block running cattle through the accident in 2001, till now. Peter Linahan from Range Rover has been a great friend and mentor and I miss his visits bringing along Gibbo,Sarah,Ross,Randy,Matt and others. Birdy and Micheal from Rare Breed, Robyn,Col and Ken from Jackaroo. These three clubs participated in one of the best multi club weekends to date.
One corner wouldn't be the same without Reg and Maggie from Sydney Jeep Club, bringing along Steve,Scott,Kay,Chris,Sideways Dave and of cause Wyanda and her little red JK. Zone with Mark Ruth & Lyfe, Bong Bong with Bob with his "Locked up Toyota' and Daniel,but the place wouldn't be interesting without the tireless work,planning and patience of Mark, Ruth, Steve and Juke.
It's Mark,Ruth and Steves experience in attending competitions,clubkanas and events, then designing and building tracks & obstacles and then numerous weekends of working bees that is transforming the block.
Steve and Donna Kuchtas loan of a 20 Tonne Komatsu Excavator to build the "Playground" and "The Wombat Run" for drivers wanting to test their vehicles that little bit more is greatly appreciated.

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