Sunday, May 2, 2010

Off Road 4x4 NSW Visit 1-2 May

After meeting Fay and Keith at last years Willowglen Funkana, they finally came up for a visit. Expecting most clubs mid morning they said they were leaving Lithgow at 6am, turning on the two way I found they were already in town at 7.15.
Meeting Fay and Keith, Keith and Jerry and Charlie and Julie we went up to find the local bakery shut for coffee so we headed down to Bylong and yes we were that early even the Bylong store was shut.
Getting onto block a race started between the two caravans and Charlie to see who can get settled first, yes solar powered light and balloons appeared.
A bit of a drive around with Keith and Fays 80 Series, Keith and Jerrys 100 Series and Charlie and Julies Troopy showed the blocks layout, nice to have a Nissan free zone for the weekend.
Julie and Charlie had a play at the Log and Tyre Runs and the other tracks from the camp ground. Hopely all had a bit of fun and experienced a fun new area.
Some comments heard over weekend:
"What do you mean you're in town already"
"All this could have been avoided by a cut lunch"
"Bruce , would you like a cuppa......what how many sugars"
"I think I can smell burning rubber"
"I'm not going in there" ..30 seconds later..."Can I do that again"
"It's 5 o'clock it too early for shots"
"Does that look like a giant chicken leg to you"
"I think the chicken leg just moved"
"Keith is that Matt Monroe playing"...."Keith is that Acker Bilk playing"
" The alians are coming"
"You guys are so not coming back"

Thank you all for a very funny weekend, pity the 100 Series-80 Series Swap didn't occur.

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  1. Glad you had a good weekend and yes that chicken leg did move(: