Monday, May 23, 2011

Triple Diamond 4WD Club Visit

Hello all,
After a 2 year interval from meeting Andrew at a 4x4 event, he visited the block last weekend with 4 vehicles. Meeting in Kandos I was introduced to Neil (Prado), Dave (Discovery), Richard (Pajero) and of cause Andrew (Pajero), we ventured to Bylong where we called in to the shop for the esential coffees.
Getting to block I showed the group Hilux Heights camp ground then drove to the botttom site where they settled in under two Mitsubishi flags flying from the flagpole.
A guided tour as passenger in Dave's Discovery followed to Chickees Hill, back around camp ground to the well and the creek run then to the "Wombat Run".
Richards aerobatics were entertaining to the group with the traction control systems on the Discovery, Neils Prado and Andrews Pajero on display.
A loop up to the top camp and into the timber reveiled track blocked by a fallen tree so it was back into main valley and along creek south to "Dutchies Hill" again looping back to be guided over "Kellys Rock". All vehicles negotiated it with ease though it has stopped highly modified Nissans dead.
Picking our way back over "Ant Hill" everyone was encouraged to keep well left then back to the camp ground.
Rumours of smoke drifting through the valley were mentioned, again the illusive source was unknown.....stop pointing people, don't you know it's rude ...
In all an eagerly anticipated trip, I hope they enjoyed the block as much as I did their company.

Things learnt over weekend:

That white cows produce Vanilla milk shakes
Cream cows Caramel
Brown cows Chocolate
and Strawberry from feeding strawberrys to white cows.
And I was told story that if bull calves aren't careful, when visiting city people help around the yards they may be "Circumcised" instead of "Castrated"

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