Monday, May 23, 2011

Thanks to special friends

A very heart felt thank you to a group of people in recent time for assisting around the block. From pottering around, mowing camp areas, changing tractor tyres to erecting a shed. Mark and Ruth the guardians of Hilux Heights, Steve and Danial for erecting the top campsites shed and also to Steve and his son for tractor tyre maintance.
Everyone who has visited the block would know John, "Yatesie", "Sottie", He has been a support and mate through the whole saga of initally getting the block and through the years after the accident.
My appreciation and thanks could never begin to show enough for these people especially John who I still can't understand why he conferscated a pair of wire cutters and a 3/4 empty bottle of Sambucca one night I was under the dash of the Cruiser cutting out the car alarm, electric brakes and "something else" that I didn't think worked so shouldn't be there.
Reports of unauthorised fire works displays "inside" Toyota Cruisers will be destined to history.

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