Friday, April 30, 2010

Nepean District Visit ANZAC Weekend

Had the pleasure of Nepean District 4x4 Club over the ANZAC Weekend. Grahame, Danni and Paige lead a small convoy of vehicles to Kandos then proceeded to the block. A tour of the block showing Nepean District around whilst Mark, Ruth and Juke in the original "Blue Thunda, worked in the "Playground" on the "Tyre Pit" and "Log Run". A late visitor Edwin and Ingrid in a very nice Prado RV6, turned up later Saturady night, bringing about an inch of rain with them.

Sunday with clearing weather and a decent camp fire, brought back the Kellys with Steve in his play toy Hilux, their dropping of trees and with Algie and Graham pulling trees away helped for further improvements. The over night rain made tracks very slippery to drive, but water in the main creek gave entertainment to an ex Telstra Mazda and the Triton.

Monday brought a slow pack up and drive back into town with a hot shower awaiting me at home.

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