Friday, April 30, 2010

Legendry "Blu Thunda"

Mark, Ruth, Juke and Robyns Pride and Joy.

Just try to ever see it dirty!
  • 4.70 Transfer Case
  • ARB Locked front and Rear
  • Custom Home Made Tray
  • Rock Lights
  • Mickey Thompson 33Inch MTZ's.......
  • Flash Blue Light behind Grille, just ask and he'll show you
  • A water logged Icom UHF , Now dead replced by a Uniden
  • Silverstone Extremes 33 Inch Mud "Chuckers"

In desperate need of European V8 though....

Actively participates in Comps, Black Rat, Peel, J10, Numerous Jamborees etc....

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