Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June Long Weekend

Big weekend with vehicles starting to turn up on Friday. A very big thank you to Matt McPherson and Brett Quodling for bringing a rock buggy along with caps and coolers up for a lot of budding mechanics to droul over, how true the comment, "Like putting a brewry in front of a group of alcoholics", .
Great to see Bob Woolley leading Aussie Tracks, back after a break, bringing along Port Macquarie and Tamworth. Reg lead the Sydney Jeep Club to their usual spot clearly decorated with Jeep flags and banners.
Col lead the Rare Breed group with his informous "TONI". Bob,Daniel and Steve lead the Bong Bong convey with Mark and Alex representing Zone.
The previous weeks damp conditions made the playgrounds holes almost impossible, Bobs 47 provided some interesting photo shots, with Andrew(Snoik) and Bob both needing the excavator to get out of another bog hole.
Thanks can't be said enough for John assisting Chris after his Automatic's sump was caved in on one of the creek runs. Rumour has it an "Arm" was damaged on Rupe's imaccuately presented black TJ.
Cols continual assistance in providing a tow vehicle for firewood for me with help from Rupe,Gary, Peter and Bob, just a shame Peters tree was towed with Peter hitch and chain but he got bragging rights for towing a monster off the hill.
Daniel and Steves weeks of voluntry work leading up to with a full day the weekend before to clad and finish off the new shed can not be appreciated enough, again guys thanks.
In all a fun weekend had by all I hope, please forward any photos to my e-mail.

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